Dr. Grover's Skincare Hydration Tips during Quarantine

  • Drink more water! Don't just gulp down a gallon; consume H2O throughout the day to provide the skin moisture from within. How much is enough? 3-4 liters a day, or until your urine is clear.
  • Please consult your physician if you have any underlying fluid retention issues, congestive heart failure, kidney/liver disease, or any other cardiovascular issue.
  • Using a humidifier or at least making sure your furnace’s humidifier is set accordingly, will help improve the quality and humidity percentage in the air. Aiming for 30-40% humidity is ideal for homes. There are even handy devices you can purchase online that will monitor your air's quality and humidity.
  • Plus, regularly changing your furnace's filter prevents dust particles and other irritants from building up in the home. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filters are recommended over non-HEPA filters.
  • Right after a hot shower apply a water-based moisturizer to the body. At Aesthetica, we like using products that are paraben and sulfate free. DM Aesthetica on Instagram for suggestions!
  • Saline nasal spray can be sprayed in the nostrils liberally throughout the day and is easily available at any drug store or supermarket. This will help moisten the skin inside your nose and humidify the air you breathe. Interestingly, some research has shown that viral particles in general have more difficulty surviving in humid climates vs. dry ones.
  • As the weather warms up, try going out for walks, playing sports, and maybe even taking a nice bike ride. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for refreshing skin. Sunshine helps with vitamin D production. too, which improves our immune systems! Just remember: if going outdoors, apply SPF 30+ to exposed areas. In the winter/spring the sun still can have harmful effects on the skin.
  • Exercise! Exercising and sweating on a regular basis helps naturally open up the oil channels in our skin, which hydrates and moisturizes the skin layers. Sweating also helps remove oils, dirt, bacteria, and helps exfoliate the skin naturally. But as you sweat, make sure you're replenishing your body by drinking enough water.
  • Having plants in the house adds humidity to the air, so don’t be afraid to explore your inner green thumb!
  • Steam showers and saunas at home are excellent if available. 

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