How Do You Lift the Corners of The Mouth With PDO Threads?

As the body ages, the face the skin starts sagging and forming wrinkles in the cheeks, chin, and areas near the mouth and the lips. There are various treatments that can alleviate skin tightening and lifting, one of them includes a thread lift with PDO threads.

So how do you lift the lips with PDO threads? PDO (polydioxanone) threads are dissolvable sutures that generate collagen in the treated area. The treatment has many benefits such as short downtime after the procedure, instant improvements, no visible scarring, and lasting results that can go up to a year.

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How Does PDO Thread Work With Lift Lips?

PDO threads are biodegradable sutures that can come in smooth threads or be used with a barbed thread that is inserted in the affected area. The dermatologist will insert the thread through a cannula, a long thin flexible tube after applying anesthesia to the face.

The body’s reaction to the sutures will generate collagen production to provide organic lifting, tightening to remove the wrinkles in the area, and skin volume creating a genuine youthful look no less than two weeks after the treatment.

Other threads that are permanent or made of other material such as nylon, polylactic acid (PLA), or polycaprolactone (PCA) does have longer-lasting results and better lift but may come with lengthier and more drastic side effects like increased puckering, dimpling, and bruising.

Since PDO threads are easier to incorporate into the body, it's a perfect choice for a quick procedure with a yearlong effect. PDO threads have also been trusted since the 80s for their use in cardiovascular surgeries so any complications and bodily reactions have been well-documented and avoided with experience with the material and the procedure.

Though there are visible and uncomfortable side effects with the thread lift, they are easily preventable and treatable in every part of the procedure. Just like other lift procedures like a dermal filler, the patient must avoid substances and medicines that thin the blood like aspirin, alcohol, and smoking to prevent any lip bruising before and after the PDO thread lift.

Why Should I Get My Lip Lift Done With PDO Threads?

lift the corners of the mouth with pdo threads

Aside from its minimally invasive technique, dissolvable material, and treatable side effects, here are more reasons why PDO threads are a great option for facelifts.

1. The Skin Will Be Naturally Rejuvenated

With PDO threads, the patient can be assured that the treatment will provide them with a restored and spry look. Following a few days after the procedure and treating any reactions to it, the patient can see that the facial skin has begun to lift. Since the sutures involved in the procedure will be incorporated into the facial skin, there are no visible marks or signs of thread lifting or punctures, leaving the patient with fuller and wrinkless lips.

2. Minimal Recovery Time

PLA and PCA threads are newer threads that provide strong face lifts but come with longer and visible side effects such as puckering. PDO threads don’t have that problem as they begin to dissolve after they have been threaded into the lip.

Most of the side effects are due to the tissues reacting to the presence of sutures, so the patient must follow any given aftercare instructions and prohibitions to increase the speed of the recovery period. Though there are noted cases of visible sutures on the face, this is most likely due to incorrect placement or poor skin condition.

The most direct way to prevent persistent side effects is to have your thread lift in a trusted and well-attested medical spa that can correctly provide the face lifting you need. Also, ensure that the thread being used in the procedure is of high quality and is FDA-approved like a Nova thread.

3. Instant and Long-term Results

After the side effects have subsided, the patient may notice that skin tightening in their face as the sagging and wrinkling have shrunk. As time passes, the patient will see that their lip will begin to lift and the wrinkles begin to disappear in the corners of the mouth.

The threads in the lips will completely dissolve within 3 months but improvements will continue afterward. The peak of the results will hit 6 months after the thread lift and can last for up to a year. Maintaining the lips and the skin on the face will extend the duration and efficacy of the results.

What Are Potential Side Effects of PDO Threads?

No lip filler procedure isn’t without side effects. The common side effects of PDO threads are well-known and can be alleviated through home remedies and right aftercare. But note that expert practitioners contribute a lot in minimizing any occurrence of side effects as they’re aware of the skin layers that need to be targeted for the procedure.

1. Swelling and Puckering

Swelling can occur due to the skin tissue’s reaction to the PDO threads as it sends white blood cells and other fluids to the treated skin. If the swelling is slightly painful or uncomfortable, use an ice pack or cold compress on it. Should the swelling or pain increase, the patient should intake paracetamol or Tylenol, respectively, as aspirin may incur lip bruising.

On the other hand, puckering or the formation of dimples in the cheeks is best solved by letting the threads settle in the treated skin. These side effects may occur within the first few days after the treatment and will clear up after two weeks. Consult a doctor if these side effects continue to persist beyond the expected recovery period of the PDO thread lifting treatment.

2. Bruising

Bruising is a side effect shared with other lip fillers like a dermal filler as the skin tissues around the lip have multiple tiny blood vessels that may be punctured or injured during the procedure. Since there are numerous minute vessels, an expert hand may still unintentionally damage some of the vessels, however, any bleeding that could occur is minimal and nonvisible.

Hence, any foods, medicines, and supplements that thin the blood such as aspirin, alcohol, garlic, ginger, Vitamin E, and Omega 3 should be avoided a week before the treatment and two weeks after it to decrease the risk of visible bruising in the lips. Intense physical activity should also be avoided as it increases the body's overall blood pressure, which may rupture the weakened blood vessels.

What Should I Avoid Before and After PDO Threads?

Though the results of the PDO threads are instant, expect to do some lifestyle changes in the first few days after the treatment in order to maintain the potency of the threads as it reacts to the facial skin.

1. Touching The Face

Any harsh movement or prodding of the face may disposition the threads, especially within two days after the procedure. It may also irritate the tissues in the skin making it prone to swelling, bruising, and puckering. The worst-case scenario is that the thread may start sticking out of the area, requiring suture removal to detach it from the skin.

For 2 days after the procedure, refrain from applying makeup, apply facial cream, and make huge or excessive facial expressions to let the skin settle with the attached PDO thread. Wash your face by gently patting a wet towel across it.

2. Drinking Alcohol and Smoking

Introducing these substances into the body will have detrimental effects on the skin. They are both known to thin the blood and the vessels, making them prone to bruising and swelling while also limiting the oxygen and nutrients delivered to the skin. This also makes the skin drier, increasing the chances of wrinkles and sagging appearing on the face.

Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided at least a week before the procedure and two weeks after the treatment. A substantial break from these vices will be able to rehabilitate the skin to better accommodate the lifting effects of the PDO thread and prevent any further effects of skin laxity.

3. Doing Intensive Exercises

Physical activity such as intense workouts, swimming, biking, and weightlifting are discouraged after a PDO thread lift because it increases the blood pressure around the face. This may cause lip bruising as any vessels damaged from the procedure may start to bleed from the expanded pressure.

This also goes for forms of stretching like yoga, as the stretching positions may increase the blood circulation around the head. The only exercise the patient can do in the expected 2-week recovery process is light walking.

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Lip threading can be a smooth and effective facelift surgery that can instantly give the lips and other loose skin such as a nasolabial fold a brand new appearance through collagen stimulation. However, with the right medical spa, the efficacy of the treatment increases with little to no difficulties from the side effects.

At Aesthetica, our professional team of dermatologists and physicians is committed to providing you with a rejuvenated set of lips complimented with organic skin line products and compassionate patient aftercare that will increase the overall health of your facial skin. Schedule a consultation with us today to begin your journey to natural-looking lips.

Discover Your Beauty Potential with Aesthetica

Aesthetica can assist you with all your beauty needs, helping you achieve your maximum beauty and aesthetic potential. Call or contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic services.

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