How Long After PDO Thread Lift Do I Resume Working Out?

PDO thread lift is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that inserts biodegradable polydioxanone (PDO) threads to add volume to the skin to ease sagging in loose areas in the face. After getting a PDO thread lift, a common prescription is to avoid intense physical activity and other motions that agitate the face.

So how long do I avoid exercise after PDO thread lifts? Doctors recommend avoiding extraneous workouts for up to 2 weeks after the thread lift procedure to allow the newly produced collagen to completely lift up the sagging skin and wrinkles in the treated area.

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When Can I Resume Working Out After PDO Threads?

PDO thread lifts use dissolvable sutures that promote collagen production when stitched into the skin to counteract the effects of skin laxity without any scarring. It's a low-risk non-surgical facelift treatment with minimal complications when done by a professional and accompanied by proper aftercare.

One of the main takeaways after the procedure is to avoid extraneous physical activity and to touch or move the face as much as possible for two weeks. Any movement in the treated area or the face will decrease the overall results of the thread lifting and encourage other side effects such as swelling, bruising, and dimpling. Light exercising limited to walking is fine during the recovery period.

However, other activities like biking, lifting, swimming, and spriting are prohibited. It’s also recommended to avoid yoga and other intense stretching regimens as some of the positions require the head to be below chest level. These workouts will increase the blood circulation around the head, widening the blood vessels which is counteractive to the healing process of the skin after the facelift.

If there are no remaining side effects after two weeks and there is a noticeable decrease in skin sagging in the treated area, exercise may be reincluded in your daily routine. Consult a doctor if there are persistent or increasingly uncomfortable side effects after this period.

What Happens When I Move My Face After PDO Threads?

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The PDO threads must be set in the treated area of face lifting to receive its full effects. The continuous motion of the face may increase the prospect of negative side effects like dimpling, bruising, puckering, and visible sutures.

At worst, continuous and hard prodding of the face could cause uneven skin tightening and move the thread out of its intended position. Should the latter occur, it will require suture removal to ease any painful symptoms or asymmetry in the face.

So it’s also important to not touch the treated area and its nearby sections. Withhold skincare routines such as lotion, moisturizing, and applying makeup until two days after the treatment. Within the two-week recovery period of the PDO thread lifting procedure, wash your face by gently patting it with a damp towel to minimize unnecessary nudging.

How Can I Provide Aftercare After PDO Threads?

It’s crucial to refrain from disturbing the face to allow it to recuperate from the thread lifting procedure. However, following these aftercare steps will increase the longevity and efficacy of PDO thread lifts so that you can resume working out.

1. Abstain From Blood-thinning Foods and Substances

Certain foods and supplements will make your blood thinner with the intention of promoting stronger blood circulation and preventing blood clotting. These include ginger, garlic, Vitamin E, Omega 3s, and aspirin. However, this will make the treatment area vulnerable to bruising and swelling.

Don’t take them 3 days before the treatment and wait until a week or two to resume consuming them. If you need pain relief after the treatment, use Tylenol, Arnica gel, or an ice pack, instead of aspirin. Consult a doctor if these foods or medicines are required for any conditions or ailments you may have.

2. Avoid Prolonged Heat Exposure

Intense and extended exposure to direct sunlight will damage the collagen in the skin causing it to sag and wrinkle further—potentially nulling the effects of the treatment. Activities that warm up the body and the face to a comfortable degree such as outdoor exercise, sitting down in a sauna or steam bath, sunbathing, and hot showers should also be avoided as they increase blood pressure and dehydrate the skin.

This will put you at risk for swelling and bruising because the skin of the treated area must heal first before taking in additional stress. Drinking water will help the skin maintain regular blood pressure and body temperature to preserve the effects of PDO threading, especially if you have decided to do some light walking within the recovery period.

3. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Staying clear of alcohol consumption is a common precaution after cosmetic surgery and other body contouring methods like a dermal filler. This is due to alcohol’s diuretic properties on the body as it takes in nutrients and water from the skin and muscles as it enters the bloodstream, hindering the recovery process in the face.

It also thins the blood veins in the treated area, making it prone to bruising and swelling. Staying hydrated with water will be beneficial to the overall health of your skin and quicken the recovery process.

4. Sleep Laying Down on Your Back

Sleeping on your back will position the head in a neutral posture allowing the treated area to rest with room to breathe. Other sleeping positions like lying down on your side or on your stomach will put pressure on one side of the face.

This may cause swelling and bruising in the morning and uneven face lifting results in a few days as only one side of the face was able to heal without any strain placed on it. It's best to maintain this position for a week after the treatment.

Safe and Effective PDO Threads at Aesthetica

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An ample amount of rest time is integral to introducing the nurturing effects of PDO Threads to the skin. But note that it’s also important to ensure you consult a medical spa that can guarantee you long-lasting and authentic results without any complications.

At Aesthetica, our team of skincare experts will guide you through every step of the process. We offer an assortment of effective anti-aging treatments along with organic skin lines to ensure that you get the appearance you deserve. Start your journey to a naturally youthful appearance by scheduling a consultation with us today.

Discover Your Beauty Potential with Aesthetica

Aesthetica can assist you with all your beauty needs, helping you achieve your maximum beauty and aesthetic potential. Call or contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic services.

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