How Soon After Filler Can You Get A Facial?

Dermal fillers are one of the most celebrated cosmetic injectables for enhancing your looks. Getting this procedure involves injecting FDA-approved substances in your face to add volume and plumpness. It’s minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime. You can return to your usual activities except those that involve strenuous exercise and pressure on your face, like facials.

So when is getting a facial safe after this cosmetic treatment? You can have a facial after about two weeks since your dermal fillers. You need to wait for your fillers to settle to avoid filler migrations, skin irritations, and severe swelling and bruising. Facials involve high temperature and pressure, which you should avoid after getting cosmetic fillers.

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How Soon You Can Get a Facial After Dermal Filler Injections

Most people love how dermal fillers provide their faces with instant enhancements. Just injections of hyaluronic acid and other types and brands of fillers make you look and feel your best. You may return to your daily routine after this outpatient procedure, but getting a facial is not one of them.

You must wait for about 2 weeks after fillers before you can return to your regular facial sessions. You must also avoid other cosmetic procedures while waiting for your fillers to integrate into the injected site. The reason is that facials can interfere with how dermal fillers do their work in your face.

Dermal fillers work by injecting gel-like substances like hyaluronic acid and others in your face, depending on the desired area. Your plastic surgeon will usually inject it into your skin at the dermis. These formulations administered in your face will add volume to the treated site, removing wrinkles. Your cosmetic fillers need to stay put and settle. That is why getting a facial right away might affect the results of your fillers.

What Happens if You Get a Facial After Fillers

Your dermal fillers might still be sensitive after administration. They might feel a bit tender when you touch them, especially if you have had lip fillers. Here’s what happens if you had a facial hours after treatment:

1) Dermal Filler Migrations

Applying too much pressure on your facial fillers might cause them to migrate, though this happens rarely. What happens is that the hyaluronic acid injected into you has spread to the surrounding areas of the injection site. The volume will also spread around your desired area and affect the results of your treatment. Your plastic surgeon will not advise you to get a facial for two weeks after your filler treatment, even if you only have lip fillers.

Injecting dermal fillers in your skin also necessitates techniques for you to have the best results. Plastic surgeons take extreme care in planning how and where they inject your hyaluronic acid injections. That’s why it’s crucial to let your dermal fillers rest and not apply pressure until it has successfully integrated into your skin.

2) Skin Irritations

Facials right after dermal fillers can cause skin irritations. These procedures require aestheticians to touch and rub your face a lot, which might cause skin irritations if you just had your fillers.

Some facials will also require you to steam your face to open up your pores and have it ready for extraction. Intense heat after injectable treatments are one of the things you must avoid because they can irritate your dermal fillers and cause skin irritations. What’s more, the extraction process can disrupt and infect the fillers processing inside your skin.

Some filler ingredients may also cause allergic reactions, so be sure to talk to your doctor before getting filler injections.

3) Bruising and Swelling

Bruising and swelling are common side-effects of hyaluronic acid fillers. Bruising happens if your platelets fail to stop your bleeding from broken blood vessels of capillaries after filler injections. That’s why you also need to avoid blood thinners like alcoholic beverages before filler treatments. Your injection site might also swell as a response to the trauma from the needles and substances administered.

You might experience it if you had facial fillers for your fine lines and wrinkles such as under your eyes, tear troughs, and around your upper lips. Dermal filler treatments that aim to reduce the appearance of marionette lines and nasolabial folds are prone to bruising. Lip fillers, on the other hand, are prone to swelling.

Bruising and swelling might heal for several days. However, it might disappear and resolve longer if you get a facial after fillers. Pressure and heat exposure from the sauna can increase your blood flow, which worsens bruising and swelling. These might progress to infection and even to complications in rare situations.

If you experience swelling and bruising after fillers, applying an ice pack may help with the soothing.

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Dermal Filler Aftercare for Your Skin

Most of us get regular facials as part of our skincare regimen. If you plan to get fillers anytime soon, you can schedule your facial days before the cosmetic injection. The best option is to talk to your doctor about it. Here are some of the things you can do to take care of your skin after facial fillers and some changes:

1) Exfoliation

Discontinue your exfoliation for a week after getting hyaluronic acid and other fillers. This goes for any type of exfoliation such as AHA, BHA, and others. Temporarily stopping your exfoliation routine allows your skin to heal properly and leave the injections to do their work undisturbed. Discontinue exfoliating your face days before your dermal filler treatment.

2) Cleansing

Continue cleansing your face with the regular cleanser you use. Just be careful and wash your face gently to avoid pressure. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

3) Moisturizing

You may moisturize your face the same as before. The serums you put on your skin are safe even on the injection site. Using soothing products such as aloe vera and calming gel masks can help your skin if you experience sensitivity or redness. Remember to apply these products days after your cosmetic procedure.

4) Anti-Aging Treatments

Your dermal fillers have now done the major work to remove dynamic wrinkles, especially those on your forehead and around your lips. Maintain the health and elasticity of your skin by adding more anti-aging treatments to your skincare routine.

Switch to anti-aging serums and moisturizers that may provide extra collagen, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more!

Procedures to Avoid After Getting Fillers

Getting facial after filler is not the only thing you should avoid. Prioritize dermal filler aftercare. Avoid the following for lesser swelling and bruising:

1) Massage

Talk to your doctor carefully about treating side effects such as asymmetry and lumpiness. Your doctor might sometimes recommend massaging the treated area gently to relieve these. However, too much massaging may cause your dermal fillers to diffuse to other areas. You can massage the treated area once the pain and tenderness have resolved if your doctor advised it.

2) Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion puts too much pressure on your face, which may also affect the treated area. Doctors usually advise avoiding this procedure until after a few weeks.

3) Laser Treatment

Laser treatment may also be too harsh for your face right after acid fillers. Abrupt laser treatments may have lasting effects on the number of fillers in your skin even after you heal.

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Excellent Skincare Options at Aesthetica

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The process to create beautiful results for your cosmetic injections doesn’t end with the procedure itself. Achieving your desired look also lies in your dermal filler aftercare. That’s why your aesthetician should provide you with clear instructions and more guidance.

Aesthetica will guide you every step of the way from consultation and even during the aftercare of your dermal fillers. We are committed to providing you with state-of-the-art services that cater to your desired transformation. With our expert team, we offer a variety of options for taking care of your skin and wellness. Contact us today to book a consultation.

Discover Your Beauty Potential with Aesthetica

Aesthetica can assist you with all your beauty needs, helping you achieve your maximum beauty and aesthetic potential. Call or contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic services.

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