How Long Should You Wait Before Another Dermal Filler Injection?

Dermal filler treatment has been one of the most trusted procedures for providing satisfying results in enhancing your face. With the correct substance, technique, and dosage, it can make your fine lines and wrinkles disappear. This injectable treatment can add plumpness to several parts of your face, like the nose, chin, and lips, and showcase your contours. You can even add more fillers to your existing ones or combine different brands and types.

So when can you get another dermal filler injection after the one you had currently? Some plastic surgeons recommend waiting for about 1 to 2 weeks before getting another shot, though some patients want to get all their fillers in one go. If your cosmetic surgeon thinks it’s safe, you can also inject more fillers.

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How Long to Wait Before Your Next Dermal Filler Injection

You can add more facial fillers to enhance your features as you please and still go on with most of your daily routine. You can choose to inject all the fillers at once, but most doctors suggest waiting for about 1 to 2 weeks between your following sessions.

Some doctors advise waiting until your current dermal fillers integrate into your body. Doing this minimizes the risks of having too many fillers in the treated area, which may affect the results. 

Waiting for your fillers to settle also provides you and your cosmetic surgeon with a clearer picture of how the injected site looks. Your doctors will know the correct dose of dermal fillers you need to cater to your preferences.

Different brands and types of fillers have their way of enhancing your looks, too. That is why you can also combine different types of dermal fillers to achieve the best results. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon and discuss well your options, safety, and of course, the success of your dermal filler treatments.

Why You Should Not Inject Fillers Too Soon

You can either have more dermal filler injections as much as your body permits or wait for two weeks max before receiving another filler—never rush in getting one after another. Having an injection of filler too soon poses risks that may affect the results of your current cosmetic injectables. You might get unnecessary problems such as filler migrations.

Administering another dermal filler soon after getting one may cause too much pressure on the treated area. The treated area may be too sensitive enough, and your fillers still need time to settle. Additional trauma may cause your hyaluronic acid filler to move.

You can have more facial fillers, but only if the treated area can handle the amount you want. That’s why there should be tight coordination between you and the plastic surgeon you trust. Filler migrations rarely happen, but when they do, it’s usually in lip augmentation treatments. Risks of dermal filler migration heighten when your lips receive too many fillers than they can handle.

Enhancing Your Dermal Fillers

You can be creative about the results you want with dermal filler treatments. Here are some ways that you can enhance them:

1) Adding More Dermal Fillers

One way to make the effects of your facial fillers more appealing is to add more volume. Some patients would even recommend going big on your dermal fillers. The reason is that it might not be as noticeable as you think if you play it safe. Adding the right volume to your features will further accentuate your contours and give you great results.

2) Combining Different Dermal Filler Brands

Combining different types of dermal fillers can provide a dramatic upgrade to your existing fillers. Other dermal filler types may perfectly complement another. An example is incorporating two brands of hyaluronic acid: Juvederm and Restylane. Mixing these two hyaluronic acid fillers can add volume to your face and make you look more youthful.

Be careful about mixing cosmetic injections up because some aren’t compatible with one another. Work closely with your doctor to discuss what complements your existing dermal fillers.

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Why Your Dermal Fillers Are Versatile

We may have implied a thing or two about this, but let us get to the bottom of it—why are your dermal fillers versatile?

1) How Dermal Fillers Work

As we age, the production of our collagen gradually decreases. Collagen is what keeps the skin, joints, muscles, and more stuck together. We look more elastic and youthful because our skin has enough collagen. As we age, our skin slowly sags and becomes less resistant to our movement, which results in wrinkles. Dermal fillers “fill” up these empty scaffoldings in your skin.

Dermal fillers are quite versatile—you can add one on top of the other and combine them with different brands. This versatility has something to do with how your injectable fillers work. Aestheticians or plastic surgeons will inject gel-like substances into your skin to  give it its needed volume.

Dermal fillers may be synthetic or natural, which is why it’s generally safer to top up existing fillers. Its active ingredients contribute to the natural-looking finish of injectable treatments. It can naturally blend in with your skin and not affect your facial expressions.

Different types and brands of cosmetic injections have their way of giving plumpness to your skin. One of the most popular fillers is hyaluronic acid. HA fillers promote a more natural action as it stimulates your body’s collagen production, on top of the volume that it adds.

2) How Dermal Fillers Are Administered

Getting filler injections is an outpatient procedure with little downtime. Most treatments won’t take that long and may only last in less than an hour. Dermal fillers are administered in the skin, unlike other cosmetic injectables like Botox, where the botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle.

Administering dermal fillers vary by location and volume injected in the treated area. The skill of your plastic surgeon defines how successful your dermal filler procedure is. Injecting fillers have different techniques:

  • Cone/Tower
  • Cross-hatching
  • Fanning
  • Fern pattern
  • Depot
  • Dual plane
  • Point
  • Stretching
  • Tunneling

Practitioners now widely use cannulae when injecting dermal fillers instead of needles. Microcannulas are long, flexible, and blunt-tipped tubes with blunt tips. They almost have the same thickness as needles, but unlike the latter, cannulas are least likely to damage blood vessels. 

Cannulas are flexible, so it’s easier to avoid damaging your blood vessels. This device is less painful and lessens how long side effects such as swelling, bleeding, and bruising last for. Side effects typically resolve on their own, but a skilled hand definitely helps you dodge unnecessary discomfort. It’s also good to note that dermal filler injections are generally not that painful, but you can ask for local anesthesia if you need to.

How Dermal Filler Injections Enhance Your Face

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Dermal fillers have different ways of enhancing your face. You may consider these options the next time you get your scheduled filler treatments:

1) Adds Plumpness To The Cheeks

The cheeks start sagging as we age. We lose the V-shape contours and the defined cheekbones we used to have. Injecting facial fillers can bring back the volume of our cheeks and make them look more defined than ever.

2) Adds Volume To The Lips

Lip augmentation treatments are one of the most common dermal filler procedures today. Having plump lips is pretty trendy these days. Lip injections add more volume to your lips,  make it more pronounced, and your cupid’s bow more prominent.

3) Reduces The Appearance of Forehead Lines

Most people develop lines on the forehead as they age due to facial expressions. Your dermal fillers will reduce the appearance of forehead lines even when you’re at rest. Your plastic surgeon will do this by injecting hyaluronic acid into the area.

4) Removes Wrinkles Along The Nose and Mouth

The lines along the nose and mouth are called nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The same with removing forehead lines, your trusted practitioner may inject hyaluronic acid fillers in your smile lines and wrinkles.

5) Reshapes the Nose and Chin

Dermal filler injections can give your nose and chin a natural-looking transformation without the downtime of rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries. Injecting fillers is a non-surgical procedure to change the shape of your nose, chin, or jawline.

6) Treats Acne Scars

Depressed and raised acne scars can disappear by injecting dermal fillers. Fillers like hyaluronic acid can fill in the depressed parts of your acne scars until they get closer to the surface of your skin.

Comparing Dermal Filler Brands and How They Work

Dermal fillers have different types, brands, and ways of enhancing your looks. Know more about dermal filler products, so you can figure out which may work the best for you:

1) Juvéderm

Juvederm is one of the most popular brands of hyaluronic acid fillers. It adds hyaluronic acid to the injected site and stimulates natural collagen production.

Juvederm has two popular types: Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Juvederm Voluma XC. Juvederm Voluma XC suits those who need more volumizing effects with longer-lasting results. This dermal filler contains more HA. It’s the first FDA-approved dermal filler for adding plumpness to the cheeks. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC contains lower concentrations of hyaluronic acid and can fill even severe lines and dynamic wrinkles.

2) Restylane

Restylane is also a popular hyaluronic acid brand. It has a granular and cohesive texture, making it stick better to the injected site. Its cohesive texture makes it perfect for filling facial wrinkles and adding volume to the lips. Restylane can also improve the appearance of scars.

3) Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra works more differently than hyaluronic acid scars. This filler brand has poly-L-lactic acid as its active ingredient. Sculptra doesn’t immediately add plumpness to the treated area. Instead, it stimulates your skin’s production of collagen. Instead of only filling up your skin, it repairs the broken elasticity in your skin.

Sculptra contains little collagen which dissolves after some time as your collagen replaces it. This dermal filler provides a more natural-looking solution to your features.

4) Radiesse

Radiesse offers long-lasting effects. It has calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) beads as its active ingredient, which is made of calcium and phosphate that you can also find in the body. This active ingredient will be responsible for adding plumpness to your skin. It stimulates your collagen production.

The oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen in the filler help create scaffoldings in your skin, the same as connective tissues. Your body will eventually absorb the CaHA, but the new collagen the filler stimulated stays in your skin.

Radiesse is also preferred for treating severe nasolabial folds and marionette lines. You may also use this filler for treating wrinkles in your hands. The results from Radiesse can stay up to 2 years.

5) Bellafill

Bellafill is another brand of cosmetic filler with Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA) as its active ingredient. This collagen is sourced from the connective tissue of cows, called bovine collagen. Its tiny polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres add more support and volume to the skin. This bovine collagen filler works is perfect for treating dynamic wrinkles and scars.

Before getting Bellafill injections, make sure to talk to your healthcare provider to make sure you won’t suffer from an allergic reaction.

6) Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, also called permanent fillers or fat injections, do its work by injecting your face with fat cells harvested from your body. You may need to get this injection repeatedly as only 50% of the injected fat survive.

The Best Dermal Fillers at Aesthetica 

Middle aged woman receiving facial injection of dermal fillers for skin rejuvenation

Dermal fillers can do wonders and enhance your looks. You can add more fillers and mix up different types and brands as long as you consult well with a trusted practitioner. You can add more filters as you want as long as you have discussed it well with your doctor and they think your skin can handle it. It would be best to wait for about two weeks if you want to top up your fillers.

The care and technique of your doctor will be crucial when topping up your dermal fillers or mixing them with other brands. Here at Aesthetica, your welfare and satisfaction are our priorities. Our roster of highly-trained practitioners execute our services with the utmost expertise. Talk to us about your options and plans to get the look you’ve always wanted. Book a consultation with us now!

Discover Your Beauty Potential with Aesthetica

Aesthetica can assist you with all your beauty needs, helping you achieve your maximum beauty and aesthetic potential. Call or contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic services.

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