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Make Your Aging and Sun Damaged Skin Look Young Again With IPL Photofacial in Bloomfield Hills MI at Aesthetica Medical Spa

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Put an end to your struggle with facial wrinkles, lines, acne, age spots, and other skin conditions with IPL photofacial treatments at Aesthetica. IPL is an advanced treatment for skin rejuvenation that utilizes the power of light technology to treat a broad range of aesthetic concerns. It repairs your skin from within by sending heat deep into the dermis, stimulating collagen production to restore taut, blemish-free, and healthy skin. 

IPL cosmetic treatment lets you transform your skin for a naturally youthful appearance without needing plastic surgery. Here’s why Aesthetic Med Spa is your ideal option for IPL procedures and other aesthetic treatments at Bloomfield Hills: 

  • Licensed doctors and qualified staff - our cosmetic and facial treatments are performed by skin care experts and licensed practitioners with extensive experience in cosmetic medicine and have proven successes in providing optimal results for skin rejuvenation procedures.
  • Uses the latest tools and technology in light therapy - your skin deserves the best possible care so we make sure that our team is equipped with the best techniques and state-of-the-art IPL devices for effective procedures.
  • Customized IPL therapy for every patient - IPL is safe for almost any part of the body and face. To make sure that you get the maximum benefits from the cosmetic procedure, our aesthetic doctors will create a personalized IPL photofacial plan that addresses your specific skin issues. 

What Is IPL Photofacial 

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a type of light-based skin treatment that helps minimize the signs of aging, sun damage, and collagen loss. It is also known as a photofacial treatment. In a standard IPL procedure, a handheld machine is used to deliver pulses of light energy to the skin. It is absorbed by the pigment cells in your skin which helps correct age spots, brown spots, sun spots, freckles, and other pigment issues. 

The heat from the light also induces your body’s natural healing process which results in increased production of collagen cells. Boosting collagen stimulation is beneficial for improving overall skin texture and skin tightening, restoring a firmer, plump, and beautiful skin.

Skin Conditions That An IPL Photofacial Can Treat 

IPL is an excellent cosmetic skin solution that is able to treat a broad range of skin problems without needing any surgical procedures. Here are some of the common skin concerns that an IPL photofacial can address: 

Discover Your Beauty Potential with Aesthetica

Aesthetica can assist you with all your beauty needs, helping you achieve your maximum beauty and aesthetic potential. Call or contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic services.

  • Eliminates moderate to deep wrinkles and facial lines - IPL is an amazing anti-aging treatment that clears away wrinkles, frown lines, and folds to restore a youthful appearance. 
  • Helps repair broken capillaries - If you’re troubled by visible facial veins and spider veins, IPL can significantly reduce its appearance by destroying the broken blood vessels underneath your skin. 
  • Improves sagging and loose skin - The collagen stimulating effects of IPL also make it an effective treatment to remove the old layers of the skin and give way to more elastic skin texture. 
  • Removes unwanted hair on your multiple areas of the body - IPL is also a good option for seamless unwanted hair removal as it directly heats the melanin cells in the hair follicle, causing them to fall out and delaying hair regrowth. It provides long-lasting results so you don’t have to worry about frequent hair waxing or shaving sessions! 
  • Improves facial redness or rosacea - Patients with facial flushing or redness condition can also receive IPL therapy to improve the skin inflammation and enhance the skin tone for a better complexion. 
  • Useful for acne treatment - IPL can help remove the scars, dark spots, and skin discoloration caused by acne, and it can minimize enlarged pores to control future breakouts. 

IPL VS Laser Treatment VS Broadband Light Treatment

Intense pulsed light, laser, and broadband light therapy are advanced treatments for skin resurfacing that utilize light or laser technology. The key difference is the wavelength of light source emitted by the machine. IPL sends out multiple pulses of light at different wavelengths, whereas laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal treatments use a focused beam of laser energy. 

BBL treatment is essentially the same as IPL but it is an upgraded non-invasive light treatment because it uses high intensity light for a wide variety of skin concerns. Have our skin consultants assess your skin health to know which kind of treatment is the best for you and your skin type. 

Discover Your Beauty Potential with Aesthetica

Aesthetica can assist you with all your beauty needs, helping you achieve your maximum beauty and aesthetic potential. Call or contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic services.


Good Candidates For Photofacial Treatment 

You are generally an ideal patient for an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment if you relate to the following: 

  • You have skin issues caused by sun exposure or premature aging 
  • You don’t have any active acne, skin infections, or any history of serious skin conditions like keloids, dermatitis, or eczema
  • IPL works best for people with light to medium skin tone and untanned skin 
  • You have realistic expectations about the treatment 
  • You have good health and physical condition prior the procedure 

Feel Your Skin Glow with IPL Photofacial in Bloomfield Hills At Aesthetica

Unveil a more radiant and smoother skin with the best IPL photofacial in Bloomfield Hills at Aesthetica. Our trusted skin doctors will take you closer to your aesthetic goals and bring out your natural beauty. Our medspa also provides safe and effective dermal fillers, Botox (Neurotoxin) injections, chemical peels, medical facials, laser hair removal, and more. Call us now and schedule a skin consultation with our specialists. 

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